A Word From the Chief Chic…

It’s all about helping people, really! A Richmond native, I couldn’t wait to get away and see the big wide world, only to find Virginia wasn’t so bad, after all.

After studying Computer Networking/Data Telecom and dabbling in web design on the side, I went on to focus on the Data Telecom portion of my career for several years. Over and over again, I was pulled back to Web Design, and then Advertising. After observing several large digital agencies, and noting the exorbitant percentages they charge, I knew I could do it just as well and for LESS. In 2015 Digital Moxie was formed, a full service boutique digital marketing agency.

In an ever changing digital landscape, Digital Moxie helps our clients stand out!

You don’t have time to keep up with digital trends, you’re too busy running your business!

That’s where Digital Moxie comes in. We do all the heavy lifting for you! Digital Moxie focuses on Web Design, SEO, Google AdWords (Search/PPC, Display/Branding, and Re-targeting), Loyalty, and Social Media Management. We charge 25% LESS than your average digital marketing agency!! That doesn’t mean you lose value OR ROI, though! It just means you get more punch for the digital force you’re dipping in, so remember…

When Your Marketing Needs a Kick, Call that Digital Moxie Chic!

From large national companies to micro businesses, we can handle it. We take the time to learn about your business, and let you know what needs to be done, and we’ll determine a plan to fit YOUR budget, not our agenda.

Chantelle Bradley is the Chief Chic for Digital Moxie, and resides in Virginia Beach with her daughter, Savannah, and their cat and dog–Flip and Gabby.

Chantelle Bradley
Chantelle BradleyChief Chic