Why Advertise on Facebook?

Social media is a way for businesses to be seen and heard. Its a way for you to reach and connect with your customers in a casual way through emotion, social causes, trends. An estimated 1.54 BILLION people visit Facebook every day, and they are searching for connection and information. Here are a few things we can help you accomplish with Facebook Advertising:

Whether you are a new business or an established business, Facebook can increase your online presence.

Are you excited about a new product, and want to shout it to the world? Facebook can help you reach potential clients that will be just as excited to try it!

Facebook is an excellent platform to stay in touch with your customers and promote sales.

Do you feel out of touch and disconnected from your customers? Facebook is an excellent way to connect with new and loyal customers, as well as increase your online presence.

Different Ways to Advertise on Facebook

  • Boosted Ads – Have you ever posted something to your page, and generated more than average activity? That post would be a good candidate to “boost”. A boosted post is a post that, for a fee, can be made more visible to people in your Facebook audience. The higher the fee, the more people you reach.

  • Facebook Ads – these ads are created in the Facebook ads manager. There are different ads for each objective. These include Dynamic Product Ads, Carousel Ads, Newsfeed Ads, Domain Ads, Page Likes Ads, Page Post Photos, Page Post Videos, Leads Ads, Mobile Apps Ads, Desktop Apps Ads, Events Ads, Offers Ads, and Canvas.

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Facebook offers an in-depth way to reach the people you want to target that is unique. Are you looking to reach newly engaged couples? People that have recently found a new job, that attend a certain college, speak a certain language, like health food, and are into fitness? Facebook knows all of this, and more! You need to be strategic and creative, though. Like all advertising campaigns, A/B testing (also called “split testing”) is crucial to measure the performance of an ad.

In addition, there are new insights that were just released in March 2016, one of which is “Delivery”. Delivery Insights show you how your ads are competing at auction, and whether or not they can be tweaked to make them more effective. There are a lot of factors that go into what determines the circulation of an ad – relevance, budget, objective, and audience.

All of these Digital Moxie does with flare. We will get you noticed by your audience, and deliver the reporting to prove it.

Finding Your Facebook Audience

Find your target audience. Are they in your local area, another city, or another state? Facebook has the tools to let you target specific geographic areas.

Target your advertising efforts on people with specific likes. Are you a bakery? You can target people that love desserts. Selling Power tools? You can dive deeper and target males, power tools, and home improvements. A political candidate can target registered Democrats or Republicans. The list goes on indefinitely…

This can include Relationship Status, Education Level, Financial Status, Work (job title, where people work, industry, etc), Ethnicity, Life Events, etc.

You can specify people that are connected to your page or people that aren’t connected to your page, but whose friends are connected.

All of these are excellent ways to find people through their likes and interests. When you connect with them, you establish a way to keep in touch in an informal manner. People visit their Facebook feeds multiple times a day, making it an extremely easy to quickly advertise new products and services.

Digital Moxie caters to all businesses–small, medium and large. We pride ourselves on customizing a solution for each of our clients that fits within their budget.

Give us a call today, and lets talk about your goals!

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